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Retro SoldierBoy Mini
Retro SoldierBoy Mini

Retro SoldierBoy Mini

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The Retro SoldierBoy Mini is the true king of bootleg Chinese game machines. It's loaded up with 500 roms, and since Chinese people have no idea which Nintendo games are legit, so there's a ton of crazy rom hacks on here. Ever wanted to play Super Mario World 9? Well now you can!

Anyway, this thing is actually kind of fun. The screen is good, the buttons are good, and there's enough decent games on here to keep you entertained for a while. And if you're a true weirdo, you can plug it into your TV with those ancient Yellow/Red video cables. It looks truly awful.

NOTE: This item ships from China. It will take about three weeks to get to your house.

All Features:

  • 100% Brand-New Product

  • 3.0 Inch HD Screen

  • Over 200 built-in games

  • English & Chinese language options 

  • Rechargeable battery (750mAh)

  • Connect and play on your TV with included AV cable